Promote model rocketry and encourage others to join this family oriented and fun hobby. It is through this hobby that we hope to encourage and inspire our youth to pursue sciences and aviation.


My interest in rocketry began many years ago as my father conducted flight tests at Arnold Engineer Development Center in Tullahoma, TN and later retired from NASA while employed at Moffitt Field in San Jose, CA. 

One day while conducting some mid-power motor flight tests on 20 acres behind our home, my son Terry who was six at the time, wanted to push the button on the launch controller.  The “Aerotech Huge G Force” rocket lifted off the pad.  The sound was loud and the flame was fierce.  From that day forward, Terry has pursued this hobby with tremendous passion building various rockets and always by my side.

 A few years later while attending the first grade at Northwestern Elementary, he would go to school each day, drawing pictures of rockets, sharing stories of recent High Power Rocket Launches he had attended.  One day his teacher, Ms. Spencer called me and asked if I would come do a “Show N Tell” with her 22 students.  I responded, “Better yet, how about I share some stories of how our space program began and allow all the students to build their very own model rocket and launch them behind the school.”  The day was magical and on this day memories would be made that would last a lifetime for many.  It would also be the beginning of something very special thanks to Terry, Team Ohio Rocketry” was created as an entity that brings together “Teamwork, Science, Education & Fun”

The following year we were asked to conduct the same program for all of the first grade classes which consisted of 150+ students.  We added some educational content so it would integrate with their “Forces in Motion” curriculum.  Word of our endeavors began to spread and we were asked by scout units, church youth groups, other schools etc. to conduct programs for them. 

May, 2015 was a special date for Team Ohio Rocketry as this will be our 10th Anniversary of conducting events at Northwestern.  Terry will be a senior and he will be bringing 70-80 of his classmates over to assist with the Build N Fly event with 150 elementary students.

To contact us and inquire about an event:

Contact: Steve Temple

Tel: 937.925.2179 or steve@teamohiorocketry.com 

In the meantime “Carpe Caleum”  

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